Update July 26, 2011-Surprise of the Night

Cost to date: $2300.00

Assets: My salary=$2076.00/ month (net).

Can you help? Any and all donations will help!!!

I had to add another one of those payday loans today…

I’ve finished completing my timeline. By adding each event as it occurred on a calender, it’s very easy to show why there is a significant, permanent, and material change and how it directly relates to custodial interference. It has also helped identify which supportive documents I need to present as evidence. By showing my son’s absences from school on the timeline, downloading the attendance roster from the school, and overlaying the weekends of visitation, adversarial e-mails and voice messages, it is very clear how they all interrelate.


       In addition, I’ve used resources such as the ABA’s Chapter 12 publication on Child Custody and Visitation and compiled a list of determinants in favor of child custody awards. In this, I’ve again used the “compare and contrast” theme to predict how the judge may view each of of us These included (See Excel Sheet below) wishes of the child (if old enough to capably express a reasonable preference); nonmarital sexual relationships and show of harm; mental and physical health of the parents; adjustment to school and community, parental use of excessive discipline or emotional abuse, age and sex of child, undermining the child’s relationship with the other parent; need for continuation of a stable home environment;  religion and/or cultural considerations; support for interaction with members of extended family of either parent; interference with visitation; and opportunity for interaction with members of household. When I looked a it with a jaundiced eye, I still come out ahead.

The  difficult part was to be “in the mind of the plaintiff”-that is to say, where my ex-wife is most likely to attack. That requires a bit of malicious introspection-that is being extremely self-critical-in order to see just what may be used against me. That ended up pretty easy as the allegations put forward in their Motion to Modify Child Custody were really their only point of attack. Since I’ve already addressed those issues (negative hair follicle test for drugs, substance abuse counselor letter stating no evidence for drug or substance abuse, etc)  it now boils down to “child preference”.

Just before I left for the long drive to Oklahoma City, I went back to look at my AT&T Family Maps history. 2 days ago, it looked like my son’s cell phone was on but no where near where he lives.Today at the same time it was near his mother’s home where he’s staying. On my bill, it looks like his Sims card has been switched out as that is definitely not the cell phone I gave him. Judging where the phone was located, it looks like my ex-wife’s boyfriend BAG made the switch.

That has been my suspicion all along. Goes along well with demonstrating custodial interference with third party intervention.

I went on Facebook and my son was on the chat. I’ve tried to talk with him before through this medium but it hasn’t been successful. However, tonight was a different story…

Now that is interesting! Looked as if the honeymoon is over. Couldn’t ask for better timing!








Then, all of a sudden, my son was off line. Looks like maybe, something may change tomorrow…..

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A father, friend, teacher, and student with a lot to learn. My son has been removed and I need help. My story is not unique in that there are Dad's like me everywhere that are exploited and are required to defend their right to Court appointed custodianship and support for their children. We are not here to correct the problems our former spouses have with raising our children and then send them back as if they were some obscure commodity..... View all posts by dadincustodialcrisis

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